Hot Spot: Luxe Living in Midtown Atlanta

January 2018

In the late ’80s, the midtown skyline started reflecting that of other major metropolitan areas we know and love. New high-rise apartments were being built in abundance, as well as new business buildings. 

Then the Olympics came and did wonderful things for Midtown Atlanta. Infrastructure boomed and people were vying for spaces to live in. In the past few years, the number of high-rise apartments has doubled and the real estate market is booming in the neighborhood. 

But why is Midtown such a hot spot? Because there are one million things to love about living in the neighborhood. You still get the local-friendly feel of Georgia living while also having the amenities, buzz, and energy of living in a city.

Here’s why luxe living in Midtown makes for the best lifestyle:

Heart of the Arts (and Shopping)

Midtown is home to things like the Woodruff Arts Center, the High Museum of Art as well many fantastic restaurants like Ecco or Pasta Da Pulcinella. Midtown also offers you the best of Broadway at the nearby Fox Theater.

Midtown is full of the young, the hip, and the fashionable. There are many places to shop with high-end boutiques in abundance. 

The Wonder of Walkability in Midtown Atlanta

You can walk out of your perfect high-rise and directly to your luxury gym, stop for an organic protein shake, and then sit one of the nearby parks for a quick read without ever using your car. If you’re any kind of eco-friendly human, then living in Midtown Atlanta is the place for you. You can reduce emissions and save money on gas just by living in Midtown Atlanta.

Stop by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens or the Margaret Mitchell House. Listed as one of the best places to live in Georgia by Trip Advisor, Midtown Atlanta has everything you need. 

Social Hour

Midtown boasts some of the best bars and nightclubs in Atlanta. There are a variety of spaces that can offer you a high-end night of drinks or a more relaxed atmosphere at one of the many dive bars. 

There are beautiful hotels in the area to stop in for happy hour, and the entire neighborhood is extremely dog-friendly (The W Midtown hosts cocktail parties for people and their pets.) The neighborhood is clean and diverse. What’s more? It’s one of the most beautiful places to live in Georgia.

A Midtown Minute

Midtown is one of the most exciting places to live in Georgia. It's a desirable neighborhood, which also makes it a smart place to invest in real estate. If you're looking to live in a building with big windows, a doorman, a pool and a gym, then try Midtown on for luxe living size.  

For help finding a beautiful apartment or home in Midtown Atlanta, contact us today.