Guide: Why You Should Invest In the Atlanta Real Estate Market

January 2018

It's widely known that the Atlanta real estate market has been getting a substantial amount of attention over the past few years. Atlanta has consistently been performing as one of the more reliable, steadily performing markets in the entire nation. 

There has been a slight inventory shortage as of late in some of Atlanta's more desirable neighborhoods. However, the Atlanta real estate property prices are ever increasing because of the shortage of said inventory. 

The supply and demand ration is throwing some buyers and sellers off. But it shouldn't. There are quite a few benefits to buying investment properties in Atlanta right now: 

You'll Be Able to Sell It 

Throw any buyer's remorse you're fearing out the window. You can rest assured that whatever property you buy in the Atlanta real estate market, you'll be able to sell if you want to. The truth is, there are lower levels of unemployment than ever and people are in better shape with their finances.

With fewer options on the market, the properties you do own will be hot commodities. Perhaps you want to buy a home for $500,000, put $180,000 into a renovation and sell it for $800,000. Or maybe you want to buy a luxury home in the Atlanta real estate market because now is a great time to purchase it before the prices get too high.

Prices Are Rising At A Speed You Can Capitalize On

Prices are on the rise in a steady format this year. This makes it a good time to buy homes while the prices are still at an obtainable price point. It's an optimal time to buy properties that will slowly continue to escalate in price with time. 

Now is not the time to wait, as the prices of homes are rising in a way that will make the properties you want too expensive in the next few years.

Your Pick of the Atlanta Real Estate Market

In 2018 you can have your pick of the best homes in the Atlanta real estate market. Wealthy buyers are sliding out of their normal price range with the shortage of inventory and climbing home prices. However,  this can be a good thing for buyers as there is less competition. 

In 2015 and 2016, many buyers had to settle for homes they were less than thrilled about because of lack of options, but an urgent need to move.

Market experts predict that this year there will be inventory increases which will make it a great time to capitalize on housing options. You will get the most bang for your buck by being able to get the exact property you want with the exact qualities you wish for and for the exact amount of money you'd like to pay (with perhaps a little wiggle room). You're going to have options this year, and the market is going to give buyers and sellers a little break. 

Rates Are Moving 

We've been lucky over the past few years with low-interest rates (down to 3% in some cases). However, those rates are now on the rise. Suggested rates now for a 30-year fixed loan just went over the 4% threshold in 2017. It's great that the economy is growing, but it's also causing some of the increases.

With some experts predicting rates as high as 5% in the coming year, now is a great time to lock in on a rate for an investment that is low. Make the most of your investment and see a greater return on your property by paying less principal with a low rate. 

Home Run 

With fewer people fighting for the properties you love and a slow but steady market on the rise now is the perfect time to buy or sell a home. Whether you're looking for a new place to live for your family or you would like to make a smart investment, go big in Atlanta for 2018.

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