Simply the Best: The Top 3 Qualities of the Best Atlanta Real Estate Agent

December 2017

The truth is, not all real estate agents are created equal. Unfortunately, some agents don’t have your best interest at heart when helping you find the perfect home. Finding an agent who looks beyond the monetary aspects and has a true desire to help people find the perfect fit regardless of how it benefits them is important.

You want a tenacious agent, but not snarky. You want someone with solid connections and relationships without the games. You want a forward agent who can cut through the extras when making a deal. Balance makes perfect when it comes to finding the best agent. 

Atlanta is on the rise as one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. Knowing you can trust the person you have chosen to help you find your home will make your search stress-free as you navigate a market that requires in-depth knowledge to make the right purchase. 

Here are a few qualities to look for when choosing which Atlanta real estate agent you want to work with when searching for a beautiful home in the Atlanta area:

A Love for Listings

The Atlanta real estate market can be a complex venture to swim through. You want an agent who can help you sift through the process that has a true love for what they do. It’s more than just touring homes, it’s cultivating a vision for what you want your life in Georgia to feel like on a daily basis.

From your morning cup of coffee in the perfect breakfast nook to winding down in an expansive master at night, an agent with a true love for their listings can help you find ultimate bliss in a luxury home. 

Savvy Business Acumen

Perhaps you’re a sage and experienced real estate guru and want to fast forward through the process. Maybe you are purchasing your first real home or estate and want the complex ins and outs explained to you. 

You need an Atlanta real estate agent who can tailor the process to you and your needs. You need someone with a great sense of handling business, marketing, and administrative work. They will know the best practices to get you through your deal with ease. Business acumen is one of the most important characteristics of an Atlanta real estate agent. 

Communication: The Most Important Trait of an Atlanta Real Estate Agent 

Buying or selling a home will inevitably have some challenges. A challenge you don’t need? A lack of or poor communication. Perhaps of the most important traits of an Atlanta real estate agent is great, if not perfect communication skills.

You want to know where you are standing with your current buying or selling situation at all times. You want to stay in the loop. Someone with great communication skills will have the ultimate bedside manner through this process and know when to and when not to update you. 

Go Big and Go Home

When searching for your luxury home in the peach state, find the peach of agents. You want a star to represent you in your search that has the best listings, a great track record, business smarts and great communication skills.

For the best deal and the best homes, go big. Find an agent at the top of his game, and then seamlessly slide into your new home in the perfect neighborhood. When you’re ready to buy (or sell) the home of your Georgian dreams, contact us today.